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Orderly Space, Orderly Life

1/9/17 9:00 AM / by Malta Development posted in home cleaning tips, organization, Tips + Tricks


It's the start of a new year which means it's time to make way for new, productive habits. Many people compile a laundry list of resolutions that challenge their willpower, including losing weight, kicking a smoking habit, and more. But did you know there's an easier way to upgrade your life?
Organizing your home helps to remove distractions and live a more efficient life. This year, make a resolution to streamline your household chores. It not only makes your spring cleaning easier but also makes you feel more accomplished and productive. Check out how these small changes can make you feel like you've revamped your life.

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The Joy of an Organized Home

2/4/16 9:00 AM / by Malta Development posted in home, design, organization, Tips + Tricks


If you're the type of person who is serious about their housework, you're probably familiar with at least one of the countless household products designed by inventor extraordinaire, Joy Mangano. Her rise from rags to riches strongly reinforces the idea that the American dream is never out of reach for anyone. With over 100 patents, this Long Island girl used her ingenious designs to build a monolithic product empire (Ingenious Designs) from scratch. She is the inventor of an assortment of products that make modern living so much easier.
Here are a few of our favorite organizational gems.

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So Organized, a Kid Could do It

1/25/16 9:00 AM / by Malta Development posted in organization, playroom, Tips + Tricks


A child's playroom is often one of the most disheveled parts of the home. The reality is that anyone can be a great organizer, even toddlers. The trick is to find effective ways to teach children good cleaning habits that can last a lifetime. Want to learn more? Here are a few tips to keep your child's playroom clean and organized.

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