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Keeping Your Home Cleaner for Longer

5/18/16 9:00 AM / by Malta Development posted in cleaning, Tips + Tricks


For many, an untidy home can be a constant distraction. Keeping it clean, however, seems like a never-ending job. For those of us that have an ever-growing list of tasks, streamlining our home cleaning seems like an impossible goal. That's why, we've compiled a list of handy tips that will keep your home cleaner for longer which means you have more time to do what you do best.
Seal Garage Floor: An epoxy coating for your garage floor can do wonders. Not only does it protect it from impacts, stains, chipping, and chemicals, but it also makes your floor look sleeker. Cement garage floors, especially, shed powder which becomes airborne due to regular foot traffic. That dust can get tracked inside the house. Sealing your garage floor means less dusting for you.
Multiple Storage Locations: Instead of storing your cleaning supplies in one central hub, keep selected supplies in various locations around the house. Store a multi-surface cleaner and paper towels in the bathroom, microfiber cloths in the home office, and a duster in the master bedroom. That way you can clean as you go.
Area Rugs: Area rugs do an excellent job of preventing large amounts of dirt from collecting on your carpet. Once you notice your decorative rugs are getting a bit dirty, just vacuum them and pop them in the wash. It saves you from having to use carpet cleaners or hiring a service to do it for you. Now, you'll only have to clean your carpet every once in a while.
Double Floor Mats: If two heads are better than one, then the same rule applies to floor mats. Double the amount of floor mats hold twice the amount of dirt. Place one outside and inside your home's entryways. You'll notice that this method works when you see how much dirt is tracked in on the inside mats.
Use a Stick Vacuum: Every household needs a high-quality vacuum cleaner, but they tend to be on the heavier side. Reserve the larger vacuums for deep cleaning and use a stick vacuum for quick clean-ups. These compact cleaning devices can be stored easily behind a living room cabinet or in a small closet. Every night before you head to bed, go over your floor with the stick vacuum to keep your home tidy.
Pet Care: Although this tip seems like common sense, brushing your furry-legged friend outside a few times a week drastically reduces the amount of pet hair you have to pick up inside throughout the week. Instead of vacuuming constantly, your new grooming routine curbs your pet's shedding.
10-minute Clean-Up: This works especially well when kids are helping out. Make it fun by creating a game out of the cleaning process. Use a timer, set the mood with some upbeat music, get ready, set, and clean. Assign your kids to put their toys away while you clean and organize one specific area that needs it the most. Afterwards, reward yourselves with a small prize.
Although not all cleaning hacks are applicable for every home, most can drastically reduce clean-up time. Not only that, but a clean home can make you feel more productive and motivated to accomplish all your goals.

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