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Pantry Essentials: What to Purchase After a Move

3/4/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development posted in housing amenities, moving, food list, Malta, pantry, pantry essentials, pantry food list, pantry list, pantry moving, pantry moving list, Tips + Tricks, what do i need in my pantry


After moving to a new home, that first trip to the grocery store can be a real eye opener. You may have had to discard most of the liquid items in your pantry since moving companies do not allow these in your packing boxes. You may have dumped many of your old spices and miscellaneous jars of out-of-date foodstuffs hidden in the back of your pantry and fridge before the move. So, now you need to recreate a pantry stocked with the essentials you must have to put together nutritious family meals in your new home.

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