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The Psychology of Color

1/13/17 1:00 PM / by Malta Development posted in color, Uncategorized


As you imagine your home's interior, it's important to keep in mind the psychological power of color, and the different effects that colors can have on our subconscious psyches.  Scientific studies have shown that different colors are associated with certain moods and emotions. For instance, blue is considered calming and trustworthy, while red can cause considerable agitation. By reviewing the major colors and their affective qualities, you'll be able to choose the colors that most accurately reflect your and your family's style and aesthetic.

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DIY Paper Heart Garland

2/4/15 9:30 AM / by Malta Development posted in color, diy, holidays, activities, to do, Uncategorized, valentine's day


Are you in need of some fun Valentine’s spirit for your home?

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