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The Joy of an Organized Home

2/4/16 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

If you're the type of person who is serious about their housework, you're probably familiar with at least one of the countless household products designed by inventor extraordinaire, Joy Mangano. Her rise from rags to riches strongly reinforces the idea that the American dream is never out of reach for anyone. With over 100 patents, this Long Island girl used her ingenious designs to build a monolithic product empire (Ingenious Designs) from scratch. She is the inventor of an assortment of products that make modern living so much easier.
Here are a few of our favorite organizational gems.

Miracle Mop

The Miracle Mop is what put Joy's name on the map. Her frustrations with outdated mopping technology fostered an innovative idea of creating a self-ringing, fast-drying mop for the modern home cleaner. Wring the mop with one pump of the handle so you won't have to get your hands wet. Its patented design enables organization aficionados to use it wet or dry, replacing sweepers, dusters, and brooms. That means less clutter for you.
The next generation of the Miracle Mop includes a microfiber head that's tangle-resistant and fast drying. Its height customization empowers you to reach high and low. Joy also introduced a mop bucket (sold separately) with a locking handle so your mop stands vertically. Although these products gave rise to copycat mops and buckets, there is only one Miracle Mop.

Huggable Hangers

Hot off the heels of the Miracle Mop's success, Joy's ingenious creations kept on coming. Her sturdy and flocked Huggable Hangers aim to provide a space-saving solution for cluttered closet spaces. These 1/4' thick hangers have a velvety surface that prevent your sheer fabrics and spaghetti straps from sliding right off. Own a heavy winter coat? The hanger's strong and velvety surface easily supports weighty cold-weather apparel.
The hanger's long hook provides just enough space to accommodate turtlenecks, too. Probably one of its most important features, its gentle curves eliminates those annoying shoulder bumps. Purchase these in a wide color selection including purple orchid, emerald green, rich camel, and more.

Garment Steamer

With all the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day working schedule, it's hard to find time to maintain spick and span clothing. Joy's 900 watt garment steamerproduces steam for de-wrinkling in 2 to 3 minutes making it a perfect home addition for time-pressed individuals. It's also a great alternative to ironing.
The garment steamer comes in two sizes: Go Mini Steamer and My Little Steamer. The Go Mini Steamer fits perfectly in your suitcase or briefcase for when you travel. With its cool-to-the-touch outer housing, you'll never have to worry about the safety of you or your family. Use its water-level window to effectively fill it with plain tap water. Choose from vibrant colors such as rose quartz, white diamond, blue sapphire, and the list continues.

Better Beauty Cases

Joy's Better Beauty Cases were spawned from the popular Rolykit storage system she developed in the '90s. The Rolykit was originally marketed as an effective storage system for small accessories like children's toys. The Better Beauty Cases follow the same model so you can tame your existing organizational chaos. Made of 100% polyester, each case includes a removable, see-through, plastic zippered pouch. Lay it out flat for easy access or roll it up for compact storage. Its water-resistant and padded exterior walls protects items for when you're traveling.
Joy clearly believes in and has a passion for her products. If you're interested, check out Joy, a film loosely-based around her struggle to stay afloat despite being a divorced mother with three children. Her story is truly inspiring.


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