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Your Family Hearth

12/20/14 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Gathering around the family hearth – something families have done since man discovered fire. The flames discouraged predators, cooked food, lit up the night sky or cave, and became a convivial place to tell stories and visit.


Each home in the Carriage and Modern Classics Collection at Lakeview Landing comes equipped with a Lennox® fireplace that includes a handsome tile surround and full surround wood mantle. The fireplace is available in your choice of wood burning or gas models.


We know that folks at Lakeview Landing love what their fireplace brings to a Great Room -- an extra touch of architectural beauty and a welcoming ambiance for family and friends. Think of settling down into a comfy sofa to watch the flames dancing or relaxing with a book you’ve been meaning to read in front of a cozy fireplace. It’s a cheerful place to gather, visit, and just escape from your daily cares.


Other benefits of a fireplace are more practical. You have warmth and light if the power goes out; the fire may help you cut your heating bill and if a wood fire, you’re using renewable fossil fuels; fires are storm proof when bad weather hits; if you have a gas model, you have a smokeless heat source.


Before lighting any fires, bring in a professional chimney sweep to make sure that your chimney and fireplace are clear of obstructions such as leaves, branches and bird’s nests. Sweeps will also remove soot and creosote, which is quite flammable (creosote accumulates if unseasoned or green wood is burned). A professional will also check to make sure your chimney has a cap in good condition so that debris does not enter the chimney space.


In addition to attention to the chimney, gas fireplaces should be checked for the correct millivolt output. They should have their embers and logs adjusted for best appearance. The fan and related air circulation outlets should be cleaned, and the glass doors should be maintained. The batteries and vents in the carbon monoxide detector need to be checked regularly, too.


It’s a good idea to make sure that the area around the hearth is cleared of any flammable items that may have accumulated during the summer, when you weren’t using the fireplace. You never know when a spark might fly out of the fireplace while you’re attending to the fire.


Once you’re sure your chimney and fireplace are in good condition, enjoy that fireplace season with a party. The glow in the room will light up faces and hearts with good cheer -- a perfect holiday addition!


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