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Fireplace Safety

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Each home at Lakeview Landing comes standard with a welcoming fireplace. Your choice of a gas or wood Lennox® fireplace brings warmth and a graceful ambience to every Great Room. Operating your fireplace safely is important before lighting a fire, while you’re enjoying its cozy flames, and after the coals have cooled.




Each year, hire a professional chimney sweep to clear your chimney of debris, remove soot and creosote, and to check the condition of the cap on your roof so that leaves and branches don’t fall into the chimney opening. Additional maintenance for gas fireplaces will ensure that the gas is flowing correctly, the fan and related air circulation equipment is working properly, and the glass doors are sparkling.




Once you’ve refreshed your memory by reading the fireplace manual so that you start the fire safely, it is important to protect your family by screening the fire and supervising children and pets. Be sure to keep any flammable items, like books, newspapers, rugs, and candles, away from the hearth. Fireplace safety is extremely important in fireplace usage.


Gas fireplaces can be outfitted with a switch lock for safety. Always keep a fire extinguisher on hand and nearby. Remind everyone that when a fire is burning, all metal, tile and stone nearby may get hot, too.


When starting your wood fire, never use liquid aerosols or fuels; loosely bunched newspaper is your best starter, although small firestart sticks are convenient, too. Avoid overloading the fireplace so that logs will not tumble out -- a heavy grate is the best choice for a wood fire. A manufactured firelog is a handy alternative to wood and is easy to start.


Attend to your fire with fireplace tools, made for the purpose. They will offer you the best control for moving logs and keeping your fire in good shape. Never leave a fire unattended.


After the fire


It may take longer than you realize for your fireplace coals to cool off. Don’t begin to clean out the ash or unburned wood until you are positive that nothing is still burning. Do not leave a dying fire unattended. Once you are sure that the coals are cold, remove them with your fireplace shovel and place them into a non-combustible container with a tight-fitting lid which should be stored well away from your house. Ashes make a fine addition to compost piles, but do not add them until they are cold.


Following these tips should make every experience with your fireplace a safe and happy one. So, gather ‘round and enjoy all the cheer your fireplace has to offer.


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