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Upcycling: Ideas for Reusing Your Stuff

1/23/17 7:30 AM / by Malta Development

upcycled600x340.jpgWe all have “extra junk” in our closets or garage --- a box of unused canning jars or lumber leftover from a recent home improvement project. Don't let these unused items take up valuable storage space and gather dust.  Instead, why not “upcycle” them? “Upcycling” is the process of turning seemingly useless items into something useful again. Here are a few of our favorite “upcycling” ideas.


Mason Jar Lanterns – Take those discarded and unused mason jars that you might have bought in your “canning phase” and turn them into outdoor lanterns. Fill each jar with a few decorative rocks and the put a couple of tea candles inside of them. Instant lantern! Perfect for your next backyard BBQ.


Repurposed Art – Remember that piece of driftwood your kids found while camping last summer or that classic road sign that you purchased while antiquing in the Adirondacks? Simply by putting a frame around those unique pieces can bring them new life, while creating an interesting conversation piece and preserving a memory.


Used Entertainment Stand or Bookshelves – These items take up unnecessary space, but can be repurposed into a play kitchen for your kids. By reconfiguring the shelves or drawers and adding a few different components, like a used faucet and metal bowl to serve as a sink, you can turn the previously dated piece of furniture into hours of enjoyment for your kids.


Used Dressers – After upgrading to a new dresser, often the used one will be immediately discarded. But that older piece can be saved. Why not consider resurfacing it, either by repainting or adding a new stain, and using it as an outside buffet? The newly upcycled piece will be perfect for your outside parties and entertainment needs.


By thinking creatively, some long forgotten items lying around the house can be turned into something reusable that truly enhances your interior design options.


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