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Tom Samascott: A Premier Home Developer in Malta, New York.

3/21/14 6:28 PM / by Malta Development

More than simply serving as President of Malta Development, Tom Samascott is the heart and soul of the company. Since he started Malta 26 years ago, he has earned a solid reputation for building quality homes with innovative design in the Capital Region of Upstate, NY.

In 1988, Samascott had a vision of a company that would become successful by offering quality built homes at an affordable price. Samascott remembers that one of the biggest hurdles that he initially faced was his own young age and the perceived inexperience of Malta Development. Most of the area’s larger homebuilders were companies that had been around for three or four generations and were very well respected. There was some reluctance on the part of prospective buyers to work with a company that was comparatively young and without generations of experience. He resolved this by hiring a well-respected foreman, who Samascott flew down to Florida to meet and to convince to come out of retirement. He then began surrounding and associating the company with experienced employees and subcontractors who could build the kind of quality constructed home that Samascott envisioned.

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Samascott is now considered one of the leaders in new home building and development in the Capital Region. He has served as both the President and Vice- President of the Saratoga Builder’s Association and recently completed the National Association of Home Builder’s Certified Green Professional Program. The certification marks Samascott and Malta Development’s new commitment to building green and sustainable homes.

Now 26 years later, Samascott remains committed to his original vision. Malta Development was recently the recipient of 7 awards in their category at the 2013 Saratoga Showcase of Homes, most notably the award for Best Workmanship, a true testament to the combined commitment of everyone at Malta Development, as well as its vendors and subcontractors to build a home of exceptional quality and unsurpassed attention to detail.


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