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Settling in to a New Community

1/19/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Welcome to Lakeview Landing. Starting fresh in a new location takes patience, but with determination and a plan, it should be easy to make yourself at home in no time!


By now you’ve unpacked and gotten your furniture set up, made arrangements for your children’s schools, stocked the fridge, and taken a quick look around the area. It’s time to settle down with a hot cup of tea, relax a little, and make some plans to establish your family in your new surroundings.


Learning about a new area can be stressful, but it can also be exciting and enriching. There’s lots to enjoy in the Malta area: excellent civic resources, convenient transportation routes, and vibrant clubs and volunteer organizations to join.


One way to get started is to look up family or friends that live locally. They will have lots of tips to offer and, most importantly, they'll bring you and your family an immediate sense of belonging – being “at home.” After all, home is all about relationships, old and new. If you don't know anyone nearby, ask your relatives or friends if they do. A simple introduction could turn into a lasting friendship. Keep your relationships fresh from your former home, too – a simple telephone call or email can keep you in touch with those folks you've always enjoyed. Post photos of your new place online for all to see.


Jump into the action of the Malta area right away. Don't delay. If you hear about an event in town, take advantage of the convivial atmosphere you're likely to find when folks are having a good time, doing what they love. Here's a terrific site that lists all sorts of events in and near Malta. The town of Malta creates an Activities Guide by season – you can find it here. Malta Parks and Rec also has a list of events here. Our site often lists local events, too. Check back often.


Take a walk with your pet or children (or both!) in the local park, set up play dates with your children's school mates. That will give you an opportunity to meet their parents. Buy a map or app so that you can begin exploring Malta, Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa, and all the communities around you. Just learning where the mall and supermarkets are will ease your way and help you to get into a regular routine. Be a tourist in your new town. Visit the local sights like the Saratoga Spa State Park. Learn about the local terrain and get comfortable in your new locale. The more you explore, the more you will see that you'll love.


The usual advice in columns like this is to volunteer, take a class, or join a local club or church. This can be helpful in meeting people, true, but when you are juggling a new job, a new home, and some possibly lonely kids, you may not be able to jump right into this type of activity right away. Don't fret that you'll have to put this type of outreach on the back burner. You need to take some time to step back and get your bearings first.


Remember, according to the US Census Bureau, 45% of Americans change their residences every five years, more than any other country. You aren't alone! Lots of your neighbors at Lakeview Landing are new to the area, too. Get acquainted with them and you'll soon find your life is enriched and rewarding.


If you have hints for settling in to a new community, share them below!


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