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5/10/17 10:30 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Looking for a way to change up your space? Accent walls have a huge dramatic impact on your space without a lot of effort.

Accent-Wall-Ideas_04 (1).jpgIt seems that every year a new set of wall coverings or paint colors comes out that homeowners just have to have in their homes. While many of these decorating schemes can be fun, who has the time to redecorate their whole home that often?

Fortunately, there is a way to try out a new color or incorporate it into your decorating without spending days painting. A single accent wall can bring a bright pop of color quickly -- and it takes just a few hours to create. These walls are great for trying a new color or texture, updating your decor, or transforming an entire room into a new space.

The most important thing about painting that accent wall is picking the right color. Of course, this can be difficult, as paint samples are hard to test in various lighting conditions. Fortunately, with an accent wall it’s easy to test a color to see how much you like it throughout the year. Unlike painting an entire room, a single wall doesn’t require you to move every piece of furniture, and it can be painted in a few minutes rather than several hours. That makes an accent wall a project you can accomplish after work, instead of devoting an entire weekend to painting.

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If you’re thinking of trying a pattern or one of the many new texturing techniques available, an accent wall makes a much more manageable project than an entire room. It also gives you a lot more flexibility to try out different ideas; if a technique doesn’t work the way you envisioned it, painting over a single wall is a lot easier than re-painting an entire room.

Accent walls are also an economical way to update your decor. A full room can cost hundreds of dollars to paint, texture or cover, while an accent wall is a project that can be completed for a fraction of the price. That gives you the ability to try several different colors, or the chance to decide if the stripe trend will be gone in a season or if it will stick around for a while. The decorating trends that don’t work out for you can easily be covered up or modified when they only take up a single wall.

Finally, an accent wall is a great way to transform a living space. Converting a spare bedroom into an office, for example, can be done by painting one wall with a pastel or neutral color. A great room can be broken into several different areas simply by redecorating a few walls. For example, create a kids’ homework corner by painting a small wall with chalkboard paint. Create an interesting pattern or texture in a hallway to transform a boring wall in a seldom used space into an art gallery. In the kitchen, add a reading nook to the breakfast room by painting a single wall in a deep jewel tone such as navy blue.


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