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Hobby Room Ideas for Your Spare Bedroom

4/22/16 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development


Everyone needs a space where they can unwind and de-stress with their favorite hobby. Even if your hobby involves going outdoors, there's bound to be a day when the weather doesn't permit you to go out. Having a room where your creative senses can flourish enables you to embrace your imaginative side. Transform that spare room you have into a creative outlet with these inspiring room ideas.

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Art Studio: Imagine having a sacred space solely dedicated to your artistic expression. A functional art studio can be any size just as long as it has proper lighting. Don't have windows that let in natural light? Do you use the studio during the night? Use full spectrum lighting to mimic natural sunlight. Furthermore, this lighting gives you a better representation of your color palette. Add a comfortable chair, an easel, neutral wall colors and you've got yourself a productive and tranquil space. Whether your hobby is to crochet, quilt, draw, or paint, an art studio can give you the space and time to express yourself.
Reading Room: If you have a bookworm in your home, a reading room/librarycan be the perfect space for them to unwind. Of course, sitting down to read the latest bestseller requires some comfortable and ergonomic seating for lumbar support, adequate lighting to avoid eye strain, and a writing desk if you'll be doing some work in there. Pair your furnishings with a relaxing decor and minimal technological distractions for maximum productivity.
Music Room: Whether you're ready to record a full-length album or simply tinkering around with different chord arrangements, a dedicated music room is conducive for fruitful practice and recording sessions. Plus, you'll need that extra space for your equipment and to produce better sound quality. Include a sound-dampening rug, a comfortable couch and some window treatments to complete the transition.
Play Room: Are toys taking over your home? Are you tired of stepping on legos? Consolidate your little tyke's gizmos and gadgets to one room instead of having them scattered throughout your home. Once they've outgrown their fun zone, you can convert it into another one of these hobby room ideas.
Multipurpose Guest Room: Guest rooms are often left unused for most of the time. Why should a perfectly practical and functional space be wasted? Installing a fold away bed or daybed makes this visitor space multifunctional. A daybed with deep drawers can be used for sleep and to store miscellaneous objects. A small corner desk can turn your rarely used guest room into a home office.
Don't let that spare room go to waste. Use it to pursue your passion or to let out some steam. If you don't have one specific hobby, combine elements of each room listed above to create a hyper-functional hobby room that everyone in your family can use for any purpose.


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