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Creating a Great Crafting Space

7/28/15 9:01 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

A crafting space is a wonderful addition to any home for a family that loves art projects. Fortunately, this is an activity that doesn’t require you to hire a contractor. It’s possible to create a working area just about anywhere. It is important, however, to look for an area that is temperature controlled and easily cleaned -- an office, bedroom, or unused closet are perfect candidates.

Whatever location you choose, make sure it is large enough for a roomy desk or work table. Take your time selecting this piece of furniture since it will become the focus of your crafting area. While there are crafting tables that are built with many drawers, these pieces of furniture are often costly and take up a lot of room; plus, the attached storage may not be the right choice for the type of crafting you do. It’s also very likely that your storage needs will change as your hobbies change. For this reason, many people choose a sturdy, solid, level table and add appropriate storage options later. Make sure that your table is made of a non-porous material so that it does not absorb spills.  Laminated or treated wood is a good option for a traditional home, while homeowners with a more modern decor might want to consider a metal table. If you decide to use an untreated wood table, protect it with a vinyl covering.

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After selecting your work surface, consider the type of seating you want in the area. If you’re going to have multiple people using the crafting space, you might want to make the investment in a height adjustable chair. If your family loves to craft together, you’ll want multiple chairs or stools available so that everyone can work at the same time. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is washable.  Leather and vinyl are good choices.


Before moving your new pieces of furniture into your home, take steps to protect your flooring. If you have solid wood or tile floors, you might want to get an area rug to absorb spills and to spread out the weight of the heavy table. If you’re setting up your crafting area in a room with carpeting, invest in a few pieces of hard vinyl that will allow chairs to roll easily and protect the carpet from spills.


Once everything is installed in your new crafting space, it’s time to consider storage. There are thousands of options available, but make sure to think about how you want to use the space. For example, an avid scrapbooker will need a number of smaller drawers that are easily divided to sort ribbons, brads, and other supplies. For sewing projects, you will want some wide, deep drawers to store fabric along with a few small drawers to hold buttons and other notions.


While designing your space, remember to build only what you will use immediately. As you make use of your crafting space, you will want to adapt it to suit changing project needs.


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