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Discovering Your New Community

1/31/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Discovering your new community can be a fun and exciting way to get to know new friends.

Though moving can be stressful, the upside is that there is always an opportunity to build new relationships with the environment around you.


Here are a few tips that will allow you to get to know your community after you have already settled in:


Take a daytrip


Once the boxes are unpacked and everything is in order, one of the best ways to spend a piece of the weekend is by taking a daytrip. Find a destination that isn’t too far, but far enough that you would need a day off to discover it. The best way to understand your new community is to understand its surroundings.


Visit a neighboring town


A visit to a neighboring town will allow you to know the resources at your disposal there that you may not have in your own town. For example, the discovery of a supermarket chain that you really love from your old town, or an interesting gastronomic district that you’d like to pay a visit to. You never know what’s around the corner if you’re not looking for it.


Explore a local natural preserve


Do some research to discover whether there is a natural preserve nearby. Natural preserves are great places for family outings. Pack a lunch, take a walk in the woods, and have a picnic. We have written on Lake George, one of our favorite local natural preserves, which you can view here.


Research your new community’s history


Getting to know your new community can also be as simple as opening your web browser and completing an online search. Look up the history of the town you are living in. If you find something of particular interest to you, pay a visit to a local history museum. Engaging with your new town’s history will give you a common ground of something to talk about with some of the other current residents.


Make it a point to check out local hotspots


Local hotspots, such as well-rated eateries, stores, and activity centers, can be the perfect place to get to know your new community. Visiting these locations will give you the opportunity to mingle with others in your neighborhood.


Do you have any tips for discovering a new community after you have already settled in? Perhaps any locations you think a new community member would love? Share them in the comments section below!


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