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Decorate in Green: Your Guide to Houseplants

2/12/16 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Houseplants offer more than just improved indoor air quality. Use them to bring life into any living space. Decorate with them to make your home feel more vibrant and homey rather than lifeless and drab. Even if you've never flexed your green thumb or designed a room in your life, the following design ideas will inspire you to build an indoor garden of your own.

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Line the Walls - Decorate any bare wall with a vertical garden. Create a remarkable plant arrangement and proudly display it like a work of art. Use felt planting pocket/planter to create a bustling plant display. You can even install track lighting to further illuminate your artwork.
Mini Garden - Want an easy way to streamline your cooking? Mount your basil, cilantro, thyme, sage or any of your favorite herbs on the wall in your kitchen. How? Plant your herbs in small mason jars and attach them to pieces of scrap wood with a clamp. Here's the full tutorial.

Tight Spots

Leave them Hanging - For compact living quarters with high ceilings, take advantage of the abundant vertical space. Invest in a hanging basket, strong nylon cord, and a brass hook to add life to any room. Not only does this design style conserve standing room, but also adds a splash of green.
Use Your Corners - Nobody puts Baby in the corner, but the same doesn't apply to houseplants. In fact, plants liven up any 90-degree angle. You can even use angled shelves to maximize your room space. Pair fresh greenery with your favorite books and knickknacks to personalize your nook.
Use Tall Pots - Houseplants deserve to be on a pedestal. Give your treasured plants that extra height with a taller-than-usual, yet sleek pot. Opt for neutral planter colors like muted shades of brown or gray to provide a stark contrast with the rich green leaves.

Unexpected Places

Curate a Cactus Collection - Do you have an old aquarium laying around? If so, use it to hold a houseplant collection. To create a cohesive look, use planters that pair well with your aquarium's frame. For instance, if your aquarium has a rusted frame, plant spine-bearing, succulents with rustic terra cotta planters. Remember to keep the aquarium lid off and leave plenty of space between plants to create better airflow for your cactus.
Line a Path - Want to liven up your stairwell? Transform your drab and narrow pathway into a placid retreat meant for careful introspection and meditation. Simply screw compact cubed planters into your walls and line the sides with houseplants of your choice.
Decorating with indoor plants enables you to bring out your artistic and practical side. Curate your favorite indoor plants to fill your home with an abundance of greenery. Your visitors will admire your carefully designed home, and you'll enjoy your indoor jungle for years on end.


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