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Get Cozy (and Clean!)

10/6/15 11:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Fall is upon us and that means that the green leaves are turning crimson red and sun-kissed yellow. With the change of season comes the responsibility of having your home prepped for the colder months. A little bit of fall cleaning can go a long way in saving you money on heating bills, preventing home disasters, and keeping your family safe and cozy.

Here are a just a few tips to keep your home comfortable and clean all season long.



Inspect Your Chimney

Chances are you'll be cozying up next to the crackling blaze on the hearth this fall. It's recommended to get your chimney inspected annually for possible hazards like creosote build-up that can lead to home fires. Hiring an experienced chimney sweep can be the difference between a major home disaster and a pleasant holiday season.


Clean Your Gutters

Have a spotter spot you when climbing ladders to clean gutters. Make sure to wear thick gloves to prevent injury from exposed screws. Wait after a light rain to make it easier to pick up leaves and dirt from the gutter. If you don't get much rain, use a leaf blower to do the bulk of the work and then rake all the leaves.



When debris builds up around your gutters or roof it can help create pools of water, an oasis for termites and roof leaks. Check for missing, damaged, or loose roof shingles. Use binoculars so you don't have to climb all the way up. Flat roofs typically need more maintenance because leaves and other debris can't just slide off.


Winter-proof Your Furnace/ Water Heater

Get all your major cooling and heating appliances checked for proper maintenance. Test your furnace for leaks, noises, and the cleanliness of your filters. Clogged filters contribute to poor performance and could be costing you hundreds of dollars in energy bills in the long run. As an extra precaution, getting an energy audit can help you figure out where you need insulation in your home.


Organize Storage

With the change of seasons comes a change in weather, which means that you'll most likely have to find room for the seasonal furniture that you keep outside. A shed can act as valuable storage space. Just make sure that you organize it so that winter products are closer to the front for easier access.


Feed Your Lawn

Applying lawn fertilizer to your green grass will keep it healthy during the bitter cold months. If you have heavy snow this season, the nutrients in the fertilizers will nurture your grass' roots while under a blanket of snow.


Clear Out the Garage

In order to clear floor space, buy hooks so that you can hang up tools, sporting equipment, and hoses. Also, making three piles of stuff you're going to keep, stuff you're throwing away, and stuff you will be donating, makes the cleaning process easier and more organized.


Check for Drafts

If you're going to be using your heater to keep you warm, you'll want make sure you're being energy-efficient by checking your window and doors for drafts. A good way to check this is to hold a candle next to a window or door frame and if the candle flickers there is a draft. Replace the seals or repair caulking to prevent any more energy waste.


Invest in a Humidifier

Dry winter air can leave your soft and supple skin feeling like the Sahara. Cleaning your humidifier plates, pads, and filters with some mild detergent can benefit your health and keep you up and running this fall season.


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