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5 Interior Design Trends for Summer 2014

8/28/14 8:31 AM / by Malta Development

The new season means a fresh start. Nothing says this better than doing a couple of interior decorating upgrades around the house. It only takes a few simple and minor changes, for example a new lamp or a couple of throw pillows, to freshen up a familiar room. This summer’s new design trends are known for their simplicity while making bold statements. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when deciding to redesign your living space.


Haute Designs at an Affordable Cost.

Fashionable interior designs options have never been as affordable than in 2014. This is thanks to retail locations, like Target, who have begun working in collaboration with famous designers to bring affordable and stylish items to their stores.

Learn more about redesigning your living space. 

Eccentricity is OK.

With more and more interior design options becoming available to consumers, maintaining a fixed style has become ‘so last year.’ A cleverly designed home in 2014, will reflect an eccentric mix of traditional, rustic, or even country elements. Picking elements and items that reflects a homeowner’s individuality, will naturally reflect this eccentricity.


Consider Something Beside Paint to Cover the Walls.

In the past painting a wall with a bold color would be enough to add flair to a room. But in 2014, interior designers are moving beyond the accent wall and using wallpaper with intricate patterns of nature to add that “something new” to a room. Some designers are even going further by affixing plastic flowers to fabric wallpaper to create a stunning and eye-catching addition.


Mix Matched Chairs.

Since eccentricity is “in” this year, consider trying mix and matching the chair in your living room. Having chairs that come from different periods is not only an interesting conversation starter, but also allows homeowners to comfortably mix beloved antique chairs with newer ones without anxiety.


Rethink the Closets.

Most homeowners would assume their closets are safe from the gaze of visitors, so there is no need to redesign or repaint the space. So why not upgrade them from a dull white color to a cool blue or even a bright pink? Make the closets, YOUR closets, and a reflection of your personal style. Plus, since nobody except you will see them, you can get as eccentric as you wish.

With some design upgrades and by following these tips, homeowners can start the season off with their best design foot forward.


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