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4 Stylish Spice Rack Alternatives

6/2/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Spices are an essential part of every kitchen. Whether your go-to is a pinch of salt and pepper or a tasty dash of saffron, a complete and easily accessible spice rack can make a huge difference in your cuisine.


However, one large problem with being a spice enthusiast is the amount of space it takes to store them. Traditional spice ranks can cost you, and keeping millions of little spice jars (especially of different brands, shapes, and sizes) can easily become an unorganized eyesore in any pantry.


Luckily there are quite a few more aesthetically pleasing options for spice lovers out there. Here are 4 of our favorite spice rack alternatives:


  1. Apothecary Jars

Picking up a box of apothecary jars, such as this set from Gartner Studios, can be a great way to uniformly store your spices. In addition, their simple glass bodies and cork stoppers offer a rustic feel to your spices. Store them in a visible place so that they can function as a usable art piece.

  1. Refrigerator Magnets

If you want all of your spices in an easy-to-reach place, this refrigerator magnet idea could be the perfect idea for you to test. Purchase a set of mini mason jars, glue some heavy-duty magnets to their tops, and fill each jar with a separate spice. Once the jars have dried and the magnets are secure, place them on the fridge. This also works with any metal surface, meaning you could purchase a metal sheet to hang on your wall above the stove if you wanted.

  1. Test Tubes

Test tubes are a great way to store spices as well. You can find test tube spice racks on Etsy or other smaller craft retailers. This option is great for those tight on space or looking for a more minimalist design. They may require more frequent refills, but it is worth it!

  1. Metal Canisters

Our final spice rack alternative comes in the form of metal small canisters, such as this idea here. Choose metal containers in varying sizes for a mixed look that still maintains uniformity. This option requires a unique storage space, such as a spice cabinet, but the look is absolutely adorable!


Don’t let clutter take over your pantry-- these spice rack alternatives will make a great addition to any kitchen.


Let us know your favorite alternative with a comment below. We’d love to hear what you have to share!


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