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Five Tips to Brighten Up Your Front Porch Today

7/10/15 9:01 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

The entry to a warm home begins with a welcoming front porch. We've gathered together some quick and easy ways to brighten up this area of your home so that it says WELCOME in a big way. Any of these ideas, of course, could easily be used on your backyard patio, too.

Begin by planning a color scheme that blends nicely with your home's facade. Some interesting combinations to think about: aquas, greys, and whites for a nautical look; deep blue, rose and white for a romantic feel; green, orange and yellow for a western appeal; white, silver and one bright touch of color (perhaps purple or red) for a whimsical design.

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Once you've settled upon a color scheme, add a theme. You might use a rustic approach with natural woods; a modern glass and metal theme; a romantic plush and carved woods look; a homey mixture of your favorite comfortable furniture and fixtures. Anything goes.


To quickly and inexpensively make some changes, think about these five tips to revamp the look of your porch:


Add flowers in brightly colored pots. Any home improvement store or nursery will have an assortment of flowering plants and interesting planters. Don't go plain; experiment with pots in colors or which have designs. One idea is to match them throughout your plan; an alternative is to mix two or three types, depending upon the size of your porch, of course.


Paint your wooden furniture. Porch furniture can get beat up being outside during most of the year. A quick refresh with paint to match your color scheme will make a big difference. Each piece could be painted the same color to provide a background for some bright cushions or each piece could be painted a different color for a fun look. If you have metal or plastic furniture that shouldn't be painted, adding interesting cushions will make a difference.


Invest in statues, carvings, or wall sculpture. Garden shops display a wide array of possibilities to add some architectural touches to your porch. A gargoyle on the wall or a family of ducks heading up the stairs to the porch brings a playful touch to any entryway.


Put down a small area rug. There are many delightful outdoor rugs in stores nowadays. They will impart a comfy touch to your porch and the kids will love sprawling out on them on a warm summer evening.


Add an interesting feature like a fountain or a swing. An unusual feature piece tucked into a corner can bestow that soothing feeling that ties it all together. A rocking chair, fountain or swing will delight all ages. Home craft stores, garden shops, or even thrift stores can supply these items.


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