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Summertime is the Time to Play Outside!

7/14/15 9:01 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

The short days, snow, and cold of Winter are mere memories; the rains and winds of Spring are over. Summer is the time for outside activities, soaking up sunlight's secret sauce (Vitamin D), and getting in shape.


Months of being indoors can make you crazy. Counteract cabin fever with long walks, maybe a hike in a soothing green Adirondack forest, swimming, water-skiing, a bicycle ride on the Zim Smith Trail in Shenantaha Creek Park. Activities like these can melt off those Winter-Spring pounds, and drop your stress level to below zero! Your attitude will adjust nicely with some socializing when you spend quality time with your friends while camping, fishing or waterskiing.


Vitamin D is known as the sunlight vitamin. Our bodies need it to support the healthy growth of our bones and muscles by proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Sunscreen provides UV radiation protection and you should use it most of the time, but just 10-15 minutes a day unprotected will give you the Vitamin D you need. Combining a little jogging or golf with the warm sun on your skin, will do wonders for your health.


It's tempting to join a gym to get in shape, but you'll be missing the best parts of Summer if you stay indoors. Any activity that gets your body moving will pay huge dividends in better health, and work off those Winter love handles, too. Try some of these for a great workout: a beach volleyball game, badminton on the back lawn, bird watching while walking around Saratoga Lake, canoeing the historic Mohawk River, skating the Ballston Spa Trail, or running through the sprinkler with your kids.


All this activity will reward you with a better night's sleep after burning more energy than usual, better mental awareness due to all the extra oxygen you're sending your brain, and a real desire to do it all again tomorrow!


Play hard and your body will love you for it.


What's your favorite Summertime activity?

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