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Take Your Shower From Nay to Yay

5/5/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

A shower is a place to gently wake up in the morning or relax after a long day of work, but for many, it’s also not the most visually appealing place to be. However, the positive side is that it doesn’t take much to change that. In fact, with a few simple cost-effective changes, you can turn your shower into the spa-haven you never knew your home had.

Here are a few simple tips for taking your shower to the next level:

  • Change your showerhead

You would be surprised with what a decent showerhead can do for your showering experience. Turn a basic boring shower into a tropical rain bath by simply installing a larger showerhead. This is such an easy DIY fix that it would almost be foolish to not do it! Here is a favorite showerhead of ours from Amazon to get you started.

  • Incorporate a spa rug

Adding a rug with extra cushion, such as this memory foam bathmat from Target, could be exactly what your feet need when stepping out from a steamy shower. If you prefer something more natural, take a look at this DIY natural stone bathmat tutorial and learn how to make a bathmat that feels like you’re walking straight on pebbles alongside the ocean.

  • Install a tension rod shelving system

Adding plenty of shower-optimized storage space will allow you to more neatly place everything you could ever need in your shower. Gone are the days of shampoo-cluttered tub ledges. This sleek and unique look allows you to keep everything within arms’ length.

  • Transfer your products into labeled, non-branded jars

Making your shower feel more comfortable begins with establishing a unique pattern—and lets be honest, the jumble of colors and product sizes in a shower full of different brand-name bottles isn’t exactly… pretty. But you can fix that by picking up some pretty, uniform jars and bottles from your local housewares store. Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Anthropologie are all great places to look.


Now who’s ready for a spa day? Let us know how you like our ideas with a comment below!


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