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Things to do in Saratoga: National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame

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With a variety of things to do in Saratoga, there is never a dull moment. If you enjoy new experiences and poring over historical artifacts, the National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame is your perfect destination spot. Full of photographs, videos, costumes, and regular events, the Museum of Dance highlights the art of dance and its cultural significance over time.


Established in 1986, the National Museum of Dance proudly stands as the only museum in the United States (and one of the few in the world) that focuses entirely on the historical significance of dancing. Located in the historic Washington Bathhouse, it hosts a collection of galleries and a permanent Hall of Fame in which dance pioneers are celebrated. Through a variety of ongoing and rotating exhibits, community dance programs, and special events, the Museum is a staple landmark not only in Saratoga but nationally as well. Visitors can not only utilize their Resource Room containing paper-based text for research purposes, but also sign up for dance classes meant for all ages and skill levels.


Step inside the wide halls of the Museum of Dance and revel in its awe-inspiring classical architecture. Exhibits range from a celebration of dance in cinema to highlighting famous athletes and their foray into dance. You can also enjoy the recently opened exhibit showcasing the work of legendary ballet photographer Paul Kolnik. You can also check out the unique sets and costumes created for Karole Armitage, nicknamed the "punk ballerina." She was one of the first to combine classical ballet with rock music in the 80s. If you're visiting with kids, head on over to the Children's Wing, an interactive space for kids stocked with a library, toys, a stage, and more.


Apart from providing Saratoga with a plethora of research material and historical archives, the Museum also offers dance classes as part of their School of Arts program. The non-profit organization features a variety of dance styles including hip hop, Irish step, broadway jazz, ballet, belly dance, ballroom, Zumba, and more. Check out their summer schedule and sign up before all available spots are filled.<
Whether you're a professional dancer or simply looking for fun things to do in Saratoga, the Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame is an invaluable resource to the community and the United States as a whole. Take advantage of all the museum has to offer with your kids or learn a new dance step or two.
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