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4 Tips for Safe Furniture Transport

4/7/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Moving is an exciting, stressful, and time-consuming process. And because most people don’t move that often, they don’t consider there to be more strategy behind it than “grab my things, put them in the truck, and go.”


However, anyone who has moved a handful of times knows that the process can be simplified with a little bit of planning—and furniture transport is no exception.


Say goodbye to the days of damaged, scratched furniture pieces; here’s a guide to help you bring your furniture safely through a move.


1. Dolly, dolly, dolly


Furniture can be heavy. Trying to get it from the house to the truck without dropping it can be even more of a feat. Avoid the stress, hassle, and pain of carrying a heavy furniture by renting or purchasing a dolly. You won’t regret it!


2. Moving blankets are a GREAT investment


People underestimate the importance of moving blankets. As you’re loading your furniture, wrap a blanket over exposed wood, sharp corners, or other liabilities. If furniture pieces are touching, cover one with a blanket to avoid direct contact. This will help keep everything intact and scratch free when you’re on the road.


3. Use painter’s tape to keep drawers and cabinets closed


Another thing that people often forget when moving furniture is that cabinets and drawers can and will swing open when you start driving—if you let them. Solve this problem by using non-intrusive adhesive tape to keep them in place.


4. Fill the moving truck like you’re playing Tetris


Before you start driving, you want to make sure that the truck is as packed as possible. This is for two reasons: 1) it will allow you to make less trips back and forth (if you need more than one), and 2) it will prevent things from sliding around and banging against each other when you finally get on the road. Leaving less room to wiggle is best in this case.


Are you feeling more comfortable about taking on your next move? Let us know if we’ve helped you with your safe furniture transport in a comment below!



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