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The Roots of Saratoga Springs

11/20/14 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Malta Development is proud to call the Saratoga Springs area its home. Saratoga Springs is known as the perfect combination of Horses, Health, and History. Unofficially known as “the Queen of the Spas,” the city and its surrounding area have been a leading health center since the late 19th century.


Early Saratoga County


Originally called Serachtague, or the “place of swift water,” Saratoga County was considered scared land to indigenous Americans in the area. They believed that the naturally occurring mineral water springs contained healing powers.


The mineral water springs in the area are the only naturally occurring springs east of the Rocky Mountains. It was not just the local indigenous population that took notice of the springs, in 1771, Sir William Johnson, the Superintendent of All Indian Affairs in the British Colonies, made a visit to them, which spurred further exploration of the area by European Colonists.


Gideon Putman and the Start of the Health Industry


It wasn’t until 1802, when Gideon Putnam built the first 3-story tavern in 1802 across the road from Congress Springs, that the area soon to be called Saratoga Springs began to be called a tourist destination.


Putman’s original tavern evolved over time into Union Hall, The Union Hotel, and eventually the Grand Union Hotel. Other competitors, including The Columbian and The United States, eventually joined Putman’s hotel in the region. However, it wasn’t until 1831 with the arrival of the railroad that tourism began to take root.


Mineral Waters


The naturally carbonated waters of Saratoga Springs are one of the area’s greatest assets. The water flows from deep within the earth and its unique balance of minerals and natural gases are rumored to be an effective therapeutic and recreational remedy.


Saratoga Springs offers visitors and residents the opportunity to both bath in and drink their famous waters. Bathing in the waters is believed to be an effective treatment for skin diseases and eye inflammations. While it is believed that drinking Saratoga Springs’ mineral water can enhance your overall health and well-being.


Do you know any special history behind Saratoga Springs? Feel free to share with us below!


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