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Profiles in the Economy: Quad/Graphics

3/7/14 7:03 PM / by Malta Development

Amidst the developing tech companies situated in Saratoga Springs County stands a lone Quad/Graphics Print Production site. One among 39 Quad/Graphics printing facilities in the United States, the Saratoga Springs facility stands as a testament to the longevity and continued importance of print media. In addition to printing issues of several magazine notably Sports Illustrated and People, the Quad/Graphics Saratoga Spring facility is a leading employer in the area.

Quad/Graphics first opened their doors in 1971 with Harry Quadracci at its helm. Quadracci having used a second mortgage to fund Quad/Graphics, launched his company in an abandoned millwork factory in Wisconsin. Though starting small, Quadracci and his 11 co-founders wanted to build a business that had longevity, but could be a company where employees could feel as if a member of an extended family.

Although initial success was slow, Quad/Graphics with perseverance and a ‘can-do’ attitude, an ethos that still continues today (even in their 39 facilities), began to slowly expand. However, their big break came in 1978 when they signed a substantial contract with Newsweek. The new client provided Quad/Graphics with a steady stream of work, but also allowed them to expand their offices and facilities nationwide. In 1984, Quad/Graphics ventured east and announced their plans to open their Saratoga Springs Facility.

The facility in Saratoga Springs is one of Quad/Graphics’ very first facilities outside of Wisconsin. It’s construction and opening marks the start of Quad/Graphics’ exponential growth. By keeping Quadracci’s philosophy, “If we build it, work will come,” the company has experienced phenomenal growth since that first contract with Newsweek. Now with 39 facilities throughout the United States and with locations in Latin America and Europe, Quad/Graphics is now not only a leading employer in Saratoga Springs County, but also the second largest print and multimedia provider in the world.

Recently, the Saratoga Springs facility received a substantial grant from the State of New York to train new employees in computer information technology, lean manufacturing, industrial safety and printing, and manufacturing technical skills. With a recent acquisition of Worldcolor, a large provider of print and digital services, and receiving government economic development grants the future looks bright for both Quad/Graphics and their employees in Saratoga Springs.


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