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Profiles in the Economy: GlobalFoundries

12/27/13 10:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

One of the biggest and the most exciting employers in the Malta and Saratoga Springs area is GlobalFoundries. With its headquarters in Silicon Valley and manufacturing operations in Dresden, Singapore, and now Malta, New York, Global Foundries is the world’s first full service foundry of semiconductors.

GlobalFoundries is unique in that they combine excellence in manufacturing and leading global operations, while utilizing advanced technology. Their 13,000 employees worldwide are developing and producing high quality semiconductors and computer hardware.

In early 2009, they announced plans to build the Fab 8 Campus in Malta, New York. Considered the world’s most advanced semiconductor production facility, the construction will expand their factory space to 300,000 square feet, roughly the size of six football fields. Allowing GlobalFoundries to build and develop roughly 60,000 wafers, a thin slice of semiconductor material, every month.


The decision to build the factory in Malta was no haphazard coincidence. Malta and their neighboring cities are in the middle of New York’s Tech Valley, a solid competitor in size and importance to Silicon Valley in California.  Encompassing 19 counties, New York’s Tech Valley runs roughly from just north of New York City to the Canadian border, including all of Hudson Valley and Saratoga Springs counties. The area includes several high profile companies, such as IBM, and is attracting developing and small companies nationwide. The area is also called home by the renowned College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the University of Albany, thus creating a developing and exciting high tech culture within upstate New York.

The opening of GlobalFoundries Fab 8 Campus already has a positive impact on the local economy. With a workforce of 1000 employees, and looking to expand, GlobalFoundries is working with local community colleges, universities, and the government to develop ‘home-grown’ talent in the Malta area. Along with the growing high tech culture of New York’s Tech Valley, the future looks bright for Malta residents.


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