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Perk up Your Bedroom with Color

8/7/15 9:10 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

2015 Trends in Bedroom Color Schemes


Whether you’re trying to update the look of your home, or you just want to improve its value, painting the bedroom is a project that will meet both of these goals with minimal time and monetary investment. It’s important to choose a color and texture that will look great for years, but will still bring a unique character to your home.



Jewel Tones


Ruby, jade, deep emerald, and dark sapphire are coming back in style this season. These lush tones look great in a bedroom with dark furniture; cherry and mahogany wood will really make these colors pop. If you’re not ready to commit to an entire room painted in a rich shade of mauve, then consider using it as an accent color on trim or a door.



Frosted Pastels


These colors have come a long way from the pastel shades of the 1980s. Soft yellow, blush rose, and cool teal can bring a relaxed feel to a bedroom. They’re also great choices for a kids’ bedroom or baby nursery, since the color will grow with the child from the nursery stage to a sophisticated teenager’s bedroom. Pair walls painted with these colors with bright furniture and accessories. These colors function as a neutral, so don’t be afraid to dress them up.



Bright Colors


Accent walls are still popular, and a bright color such as sunshine yellow, orange, sonic blue, or candied grape is a great choice to add some interest to an otherwise neutral bedroom. The key to painting with these colors is not to go overboard; stick to a single wall, or use them to paint trim or bedroom furniture. One popular idea is to use these colors in a kids’ superhero themed bedroom. As your child grows out of the comic book phase, the bedroom can easily be redecorated with more mature furniture and accessories without going through the trouble of repainting. For an adult’s room, keep this color confined to a small area, but carry accents throughout the room by matching it on furniture and accessories.



Organic Naturals


Imagine being able to take the colors found at your local farmer’s market and using them to redecorate your bedroom. Red-brown clay, mocha, pea green, and peach are colors that can be styled to be neutral or livened up with colorful accessories. These colors bring an air of sophistication to a bedroom. They are low-key enough that they can be used throughout an entire room, but they’re much more interesting than a “regular” neutral shade. If you really want to explore an organic theme, add natural design elements such as bamboo flooring, framed dried leaves, and fresh flowers. These colors match with just about anything, though, so you won’t have to replace your existing furniture and decorations unless you really want to.

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