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Make Your Own Luxury Outdoor Seat Cushions

5/1/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Summer is approaching quickly and it might be time to consider renewing your patio cushions. But of course, doing so can also cost you a pretty penny. However, if you’re smart about it and have a little time on your hands, making your own outdoors seat cushions might be a great option.


With a sewing machine, a few rolls of sturdy outdoor fabric, some zippers, and a cheap supply of cushion foam, you can design cushions for your patio furniture that will not disappoint. 



  • Outdoor Fabric
  • Cushion Foam
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Pins
  • Handheld Saw/Heavy Duty Scissors
  • Zipper for each cushion


  1. Start by measuring the length and width of the space for your cushions. Add 1 inch to each your numbers to account for a ½ inch inseam on each side.After you’ve configured length and width, incorporate the volume (depth) of your seat cushions into your measurements by adding an inch to the depth (to account for the inseam), dividing it in two, and adding those inches to your length and width. This will give the fabric room to wrap around the foam.

    For example: A 36 x 75 x 4 inch measurement would call for two pieces of fabric at 39.5 x 78.5 inches each.

  1. Once you’ve got your measurements, go ahead and mark/cut your fabric. Place the two pieces face to face, and begin pinning them together about a half inch from the raw edge.
  1. When your fabric is pinned, begin sewing around the edge of your fabric trying as hard as possible to not surpass your sewing pin border. Complete 3 of 4 sides, leaving the third side open for your zipper. We recommend starting and finishing with your long seams to conserve the amount of zipper your will need.
  1. If you need to cut your cushions to their appropriate length and width, now is the time to do it. Use a simple handsaw or scissors to trim/clean up your edges.
  1. Attach your zippers, stuff your cushions, and you’re in business!

Not so bad is it? You could do this for simple seat cushions, or even add joints between cushions to act as chaise lounge cushions. You decide. And with the ability to select your fabric, the color combinations are endless!


If you’re in need of a visual guide for this DIY, check out the very similar tutorial from A Beautiful Mess for a little more comprehensive way of doing this.


We hope you enjoy!

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