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3 New Years Garland Ideas for 2015

12/27/14 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Garland is a great way to spruce up your home. It is pretty and festive without being too loud. With 2015 just around the corner, you may want to spritz up your space to usher in the New Year the right way!

Here are 3 of our favorite New Years Garland Ideas for 2015:


1. Cupcake Tin Garland

Traditional silver cupcake sleeves make for great garland additions! All you have to do is grab a string, needle, and some cupcake holders and get to work stringing them together (right through the center). Space them out as far or as close as you want, and indulge in the shimmery silver goodness of the New Year’s season.


This blog has a good tutorial for making these (and other) adorable garlands.


2. Leftover Wrapping Paper Garland 

Leftover wrapping paper, as we’ve mentioned before, can be a great crafting supply. This is a great source for New Year’s garland. Choose a few of your leftovers that are silver, gold, and/or metallic and cut them into 2-inch circles. Fold the circles in half over a string, put a little tape inside to hold steady, and you’re on your way to making a beautiful strand of garland. Alternate papers and circle sizes for an even more customized feel.


3. Ribbon Tassel Garland 

Decorative ribbons can do more than just adorn holiday packages. Pick up a few ribbon rolls of choice (plastic ribbons work better for the shiny, crunchy factor) and turn them into fun garland for New Year’s Eve. Golds, blacks, silvers, whites—anything metallic really—will do.


Grab a handful of varying colored ribbons, fold them in half over your garland string, and tie them in a knot. Think of them like the tassels on a bike handlebar. Create as many tassels as you prefer and you’re done!


What is your favorite New Year’s garland variation? Let us know what you tried and how you liked it!


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