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Mixing Technology and Luxury

5/10/16 1:13 PM / by Malta Development Malta Development


Home technology is a rapidly growing industry. Although this technology focuses on enhanced functionality and convenience, sometimes it misses the mark on design. What do you do when you want to incorporate the latest in home technology but still want your home to look stylish? These tips offer some insight into how to make the home of the future look aesthetically-pleasing as well.

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Choose Attractive Items: As technology continues to improve, it becomes much more compact. Remember the cell phones from the 80s? Nowadays, electronic equipment is much sleeker and inconspicuous. For example, Sonos' PLAY:1 is a speaker small enough to store in a bookshelf. Even the larger PLAY:5 speaker can easily hide behind a planter and wouldn't detract from any design style.
Hide Your TV: Back in the day, an armoire was the only furniture you needed to hide your television when it was not in use. With the advent of LCD and plasma screens, however, people are choosing to hang their televisions out in the open. This design choice makes your imposing dark screen the focal point of your room whether you want it to or not. Instead, camouflage your television with pieces of artwork or hide it in plain sight by arranging artwork around it. Also, these vanishing mirror televisions can take your room from relaxed to sophisticated in no time.
Clutter Free: One of the worst technological eyesore culprits on this list is those ugly electronic cords. Cords often run awkwardly across walls becoming more of a nuisance than a convenience. To solve this problem, use wall mounts behind your television which effectively hide your electronic equipment and let you use it at the same time. It also helps protect them from accidental damage, perfect for families with kids and pets.
Multifunctional: Multifunctional tech pieces are not only space-saving but also a wise investment. For example, the Notti by Witti Design is a smart light that notifies you of calls or messages on your smart phone. Additionally, it can act as your alarm, waking you up with a pleasant and warm glow. It looks like an asymmetrical glacier and a lantern rolled into one.
No matter what type of design style you use in your home, if one thing looks out of place, the entire look will suffer. Instead, make these common sense additions to your home so you can keep up with technological advancements and remain stylish as well.


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