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Making a Statement Piece Work in Your Home

4/14/16 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development


Not only does a statement piece add personality to your home, but it also becomes a good talking point for your guests. Knowing how to incorporate it into your current home decor is easier than it looks. If you have your eye on a certain statement piece, but don't know how to tie it into your room, the following tips are for you.
1. Less is more: In a room with multiple statement pieces, nothing is a statement piece. If you decide to incorporate a bold piece of furniture into a room, make sure that the items around it are less eye-catching. When designing and decorating, it's all about balance.

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2. Juxtaposition: As mentioned above, interior decor need equilibrium to appear well-composed. For example, if your statement piece is a vintage armoire made out of American oak then pair it with something a bit more contemporary like a few geometric planters on top. Do you own a turquoise couch? Pair it with softer hues like beige-colored throw pillows.
3. Color wheel: A color wheel enables you to find out which colors complement each other. While you may not decide to use the exact color tone shown on the wheel, you can use a lighter (or bolder) hue of the same tone. Just remember, complementary colors create a sense of high contrast.
4. Patterned accents: Does your statement piece feature a patterned textile? If so, match it with a contrasting pattern accent. The complementing pattern should be either noticeably larger or smaller than your statement piece's.
5. Be playful: Ultimately, you are going to dictate the way your room looks. While these tips may act as guiding points toward a well-composed room, sometimes the best results come from inspired experimentation. Don't be afraid to bend the rules a bit.
6. Focal point: Statement pieces are all about drawing attention. Of course, you don't want to draw attention to the wrong thing. When choosing to make a statement, make sure that your piece is an integral part of the room like a bed, coffee table, or couch. A nightstand, ottoman, or bench do not have enough clout to be the focal point of a room.
7. Scale: Before buying or bringing in a statement piece into your home, ensure that it can comfortably fit with the rest of your decor and living space. Although you may not always have exact room measurements on hand, make an educated guess as to whether the piece of furniture works for what you need. Nothing is worse than bringing in a giant dining room table only to find it's too small to accommodate your family.
Statement pieces come in all shapes and sizes. Don't rush or impulsively decide on one item. Instead, carefully consider your options and the points mentioned above so that your home decor does not suffer.


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