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Long Distance Moves

5/22/13 5:50 PM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Moving across town poses plenty of challenges, but relocating to an entirely different state can be positively daunting. Most importantly, you'll need to decide how to move your stuff! Will you choose a local or national moving company?  How about a freight service?  Will you load up a U-Haul and set out on a cross-country expedition?  You've got lots of options, so we've broken them down for you here.  Plus, we've added some additional tips to further help you simplify your move.


What are my options?

Standard moving companies like Atlas or United pack and load your belongings for you, usually in one day.  While professional movers are the fastest and most convenient optioun, they are also the most expensive, potentially costing you thousands of dollars.  Also, depending on your new home location, many moving companies can take up to a month to transport and deliver your possessions.

Another option to consider is freight shipping companies like ABF.  They're like moving companies without the movers; they deliver a freight container to your home that you are responsible for packing yourself.  Whether you enlist the help of friends or hire movers to do the packing for you, you'll want to arrange your things tightly so as to minimize en-route package movement and possible damage.  Once the truck is loaded, ABF transports your things to your new home, where you are responsible for unloading.  Using a freight service will save you a tremendous amount of money over professional moving companies, and you won't have to drive a bulky, slow U-Haul hundreds  of miles.

Your least expensive option is to rent a truck or trailer through rental services like U-Haul or Penske. Preferable for smaller households, a 24' or 26' truck can easily fit the possessions of a typical three bedroom home. If you go this route, be sure to thoroughly inspect the truck's tires for adequate pressure and tread before starting out. Oftentimes, renting a truck and two local movers at either end of your journey is the most cost, time and energy efficient way to move from one state to another.


The One Year Rule

A big move can be a great opportunity to pare down your belongings, simplify your life, and save money.  If you haven't used an item in the past year, consider leaving it behind. Leaving rarely used appliances like lawn mowers and deep freezers can add significant value to the home you're selling.

Another option for rarely used items, especially large ones, is to donate them to charity. Since moving companies generally charge by weight, you'll save on transportation costs, and by donating to charity you'll receive a tax write-off. Once you've settled in to your new home, purchase a replacement that fits with your new environment. It's one of the only times that buying new furniture might actually save you money!


Drive your Car

We recommend driving your vehicles to your new home.  Shipping costs for vehicles can be extremely high, and reservations must be made months in advance.

However, we know that driving isn't always possible.  If you must ship, we recommend researching alternative options like uShip operates much like eBay; you submit a post related to your shipping needs, and professionally licensed companies respond with competitive quotes.

While planning a long distance move might seem overwhelming, considering these options will streamline your process and reduce future headaches.  Don't hesitate to contact us for more tips and moving company referrals.  Also, feel free to post your favorite long distance move tips in our comment section below.  Happy moving!


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