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Hosting Holidays In A New Home

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The holidays can be a stressful time of year. Add just having moved into a new home into the mix and things may feel a bit over your head.


Though it may seem risky to offer to host a holiday celebration in your new space, it can be done wonderfully with a little bit of planning and understanding of your time/resource constraints.


Here are a few tips for getting your new space homey and happening for the holiday season:




Think about the rooms that are most important to you (and potential holiday guests.) The kitchen, family room, formal dining room, and guest room(s) are the more likely places your guests will be spending time during the holidays. On the contrary, your bedroom, home office, and master bathroom are the lesser-used holiday spaces (amongst holiday guests.) Unveil the necessities for these rooms, but if you don’t mind waiting until after the holiday season to pick the perfect color rug for your bed set, try to focus your energies on finishing the more used holiday spaces.




It’s a natural inclination to want to fill empty spaces, especially in a new home. However, if you focus on finishing one room at a time, you’ll move faster through the unpacking process and you’ll feel stronger about your room setting progress.




It may feel like you want to go out and buy tons of furniture to fill your home all at once, but doing so can cause unnecessary stress and a large dip in your bank account. It is better to focus on finishing one room at a time.  Better yet, try to utilize pieces you already have. This will prevent you from buying things you don’t necessarily need.




When you’ve finished unloading the necessary furniture pieces in your rooms, you can begin to focus on the little details to warm each space. Does your new home have a beautiful fireplace? Add some life to it with some holiday décor. Do you have a fabulous center island that’s looking a little sparse? Pick up a holiday plant to cozy it up. Playing up your new home’s assets will help your spaces feel homier faster, and you’ll be serving up holiday fun in no time.


If you’re interested in reading more about moving tips, check out this post on making your move a snap.


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