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Home Organization Tips for the New Year

1/18/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

In the home improvement sector, the New Year often means fixing up the house, reorganizing the kids’ rooms, finding new purpose for unused spaces, cleaning out the office, or finally getting around to hanging the art you’ve held onto for the past few months.


A new year is a fresh start—a time to start doing things more efficiently than last year. And now that 2015 is finally here, most of us homeowners are ready to tackle those homely New Year’s Resolutions full-force.


Here are a few tips for making resolutions to get your abode is in tip-top shape for 2015:


  1. Evaluate your space


Start off by analyzing what will make your space better. Are you not thrilled with a certain corner of the house? Has the office become a National Archives’ sized collection of unfiled paper work? Really delve into what you think your house could benefit most from.


** Note: It is important to set goals that are achievable. A study by shows that one of the top three reasons New Year’s Resolutions fail is due to making unrealistic resolutions. Choose tasks within reason that will allow you to make better use of a particular part of your home without over-exerting your resources.


  1. Make a game plan


Once you’ve settled on what home organization desires or routines you’d like to tackle/be better at this year, you should make a visual checklist or game plan to help you get through them.


Game plans can be as simple as agreeing to spending 10 minutes going through the kitchen junk drawer once a week or as complex as spending 3 hours a Saturday in the garden planting flowers and setting up a new patio space (until it’s done, of course.)


Use a game plan to align your home organizational goals with reality. When you’ve completed a task, reward yourself by checking it off of your list!

 Learn more about creating an organized home.

  1. Find a purpose for things you already have


If you’re itching for a new space, or to improve the one you already have, you might be surprised to know that more often than not a simple furniture rearrangement can do the trick.


See if moving your living room couch or switching the art on the walls with other pieces from within your home does the trick. Salvaging is one of the most rewarding (and cost-saving) ways to give your home the small revamp it may need.


  1. Get the family involved


For the more time-consuming tasks, like reorganizing the kids’ bedrooms, see if you can get the kids involved. Giving them small tasks here and there will allow them to feel included, as well as make New Year’s “resolutioning” fun for the whole family.


  1. Have fun


The most important part of a New Year’s Resolution is to understand that you are doing this for yourself and your family. A daunting task can be made fun with a little help from family and friends.


Do you have any home organization tips for the New Year? Tell us below. We’d be happy to hear your thoughts on how you have achieved past years’ goals!


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