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Design the Perfect Home with Our App

12/10/14 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Deciding on a new home can be tough-- especially when it comes to purchasing a property that may not be physically standing yet.


Questions such as "Do I really need that extra patio?" or "I like the color of that model, but is there another option that I would prefer more?" are all extremely viable when considering the purchase of a custom or customized home.

Learn more about customizing your home. 

This only becomes stickier when questions of differing floor plans, upgrades, and location potentials come into play. And quite frankly, these are all things that can make the new home buying process feel a bit like throwing punches in the dark.


However, Malta Development wanted to change that. With all of the design technology available these days, designing a customized home should be simple. So we’ve developed a web app to help you in all of your home designing needs.


With our new home design app, you’ll be able to browse communities, view floor plans, customize façades, and even choose lot locations.


Click below to access our online version. Your new home may be just a few clicks away!


Click HERE

to access our app!


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