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Gallery Wall: How To

2/1/15 3:00 PM / by Malta Development Malta Development

A gallery wall can be a stunning addition to any empty wall in a home, but figuring out how to display certain art pieces can be a feat.

Frame size, color, and general content are all things to take into consideration when deciding how to feature a gallery wall in your home.


Here are a few steps for creating your next gallery wall display:


  1. Collect the frames you want to hang


Sometimes framed art can look great separately, but terrible when grouped together.


Collect the art you would like to hang from around the house. Make sure there is a balance in aesthetic between the grouping. A common theme, complimentary color scheme, and enough high contrast between the images will make for a great collection.


A gallery wall can consist of as many or as few frames as you would like, but somewhere between three and nine should get the job done best. Mixing larger pieces of art with smaller pieces of art is your best bet for a match made in heaven.


  1. Consider swapping frames amongst your art


In a gallery wall, you should have one or two larger focus pieces. However, you may find that the current frame you have for your focus piece(s) is too strong or too minimalistic. Consider a frame swap with another piece of art in your home. If you don’t have any other frames to fit, consider picking up a new one from your local Target or Walmart.


  1. Practice frame spacing by laying them out on the floor


Finding the perfect balance for your frames can be a stressful challenge. Think of it a bit like Tetris. Take the time to try different organizations. Swap the placement of bigger and littler frames. Test out variations you may think would look bad—you never know what you might end up liking!


Doing this on the floor BEFORE hanging your frames will save you from the misstep of putting too many holes in the wall.


  1. Start hanging


Once you’ve locked in your desired frame layout, you can move into the hanging phase. This part works best when done in teams: one person organizing the placement on the wall, the other handing forward the nails, hammer, and art when ready. Use a pencil to make your marks on the wall, that way they can be easily erased if needed.


A gallery wall is a simple and tasteful touch in any home. If you’d like more information or examples of how to create a great gallery wall, Lauren Conrad offers a great tutorial for it as well.


Let us know how your gallery walls turn out via comment below!


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