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Framing the View

10/30/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Just like an artist is inspired by a subject and frames it within a painting, you too can frame your home's magnificent view with countless draping ideas. Whether you have small windows in solid walls or full-height glass, most architects choose window placing based on views. Windows then become the portal to the outside world (gardens, woods, etc). If you want to showcase your view, adding stunning designs to your window can be the difference between a colorless view and an awe-inspiring vista.

Here are some easy ways you can spice up your window views and add some character.



Neutral Tones - Drapes in ivory, off white, beige, and soft grey add a natural elegance to a room. Pair that elegance with your perfectly manicured garden view.

Jeweled Tones - Rich in color, jewel tones are distinctive and make any room luminous. Sophisticated and luxurious, jewel tones pair well with platinum or brushed nickel hardware.

Yellow Hues - This warm color is often associated with happiness, energy, and encouragement. Light and sunny draperies add the right amount of color to an otherwise drab-looking room. These yellow hue draperies complement any oceanic view. 

Learn more about spicing up your home.



Roman Shades - Mainly used to block out the sun, Roman shades in bold, dramatic, or colorful patterns are sure-fire attention-grabbers. Design a relaxed shade cover with a curved bottom to add an extra flair.

Valances - Hiding the drapery hardware with trimmed valances gives your window treatments a sleeker and smoother look. It reduces distractions from the breathtaking scenery outside.

Puff-Tops - Puff-top silk draperies add a charming and romantic quality to any room. They add to a delicate and graceful theme.




Brocade Curtains - Formal dining or living rooms beg for the fancy and raised patterns of a thick brocade curtain. Hang them with simple rings and tie them back with silk ties to let in natural light.

Outdoor Fabrics - Make an outdoor room feel cozy and sheltered by adding easy-to-wash fabrics that are outdoor-resilient.

Vibrant Layers - Step your drapery game up by combining different textures, thickness, and colors of drapes and sheers to create a contemporary look. They also provide a great contrast with plain-colored walls.

Go Green - Pairing bamboo or matchstick blinds with sheer linen panels contribute to a natural and organic theme to a space.

Silk Curtains - Of course if you want to go for a more luxurious feel, add silk curtains.




Adding Length - Hang draperies higher than the windows to make your room seem taller and larger.

Gold Chain Tieback - Spray paint a heavyweight chain to draw attention to the details. This edgy yet elegant tieback creates an industrial chic look.


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