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Festive Fall Candy Apples

10/26/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Apple bobbing is a long-time Halloween tradition dating back hundreds of years. Sanitation and safety concerns have plagued this wholesome tradition in recent years, though. You could go through all the preventative safety measures like wearing goggles, sanitizing your water containers, and removing the stalks to prevent eye injury, but there is a better alternative that'll have your party guests raving for months on end.


Setting up your own candy apple station allows partygoers to choose the type of apple and toppings at an interactive dessert bar. Decorate it with natural baskets and wrought iron tables to give it a rustic feel. Apply earth tones wherever possible to heighten the festive cheer. Enhance your station with lit candles, fancy ribbons, and fresh flowers to add a natural charm. Don't be afraid to personalize it with banners and balloons.


Types of Apples

Although there are thousands of different types of apples in the world (and counting), choosing long-time favorites will ensure that your guests are more familiar with them. Here are a few:


  1. Granny Smith - These bright green apples are firm, tart, and crisp. Some people like to mix these with savory ingredients but they could also work with sweeter alternatives.
  2. Gala - Sweet, crisp, and bright-red with yellow undertones, the Gala is a staple apple. Perfect for all.
  3. Red Delicious - The soft interior and juiciness make this one of the most sought after apples.
  4. Fuji - Originally bred in Japan, this crisp hybrid apple has a powerful sweetness that makes it perfect for salads and also to cover in candy.
  5. McIntosh - Ideal for anyone who wants their apple creamy or "mealy."


Cutting the stems off the apples can be a bit time-intensive but can make it easier to stick the kabob skewers through the tops. Don't skimp on the kabob skewers. Make sure they are sturdy enough to hold the apple plus the copious amounts of toppings that will be added.


Topping Ideas

  • sprinkles
  • marshmallows
  • chopped nuts
  • crushed Oreos
  • mini M&M's
  • crushed graham crackers
  • shredded coconut
  • cereal
  • toffee bits

For sanitation purposes, each topping should come with its own utensil for scooping. The last thing you want is someone with an allergy to eat something they're not supposed to.


The Station

Here's what you'll need:

  • apples
  • caramel
  • kabob skewers
  • toppings

Decorate as you please. Get creative and set up a table with colored fall leaves, jack-o-lanterns and other knick-knacks. Try placing your apples in a festive basket and feel free to add your own personal touches to make it even more festive. Since caramel can get messy, consider using disposable tablecloths. If you're using a paper table cover you can label certain sections of the bar with a pen or pencil to make it easier for your guests to choose their ingredients. Have every guest assemble their delicious concoction in an assembly-line fashion to keep things running smoothly. After each has created their tasty treat, you can slice the candy apples up so that everyone gets to sample different flavors. Encourage your guests to mix and match different flavors so they have different options to bite into.


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