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Enhance Your Backyard with a Fire Pit

6/10/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

This is a surprisingly easy addition to any backyard. People love to sit around a fire and talk on a cool fall evening. A fire pit adds excitement to any get together and it can turn a nice time into something really special. Kids love to toss sticks into the fire or roast marshmallows after dinner. Adults just like to put their feet up on its ledge and think about life.


You can buy a ready-made fire pit at many stores that carry patio furniture, of course. For your next outdoor party, though, you might want to build one of your own – it takes very little time and just a bit of muscle. Here's how.


Choose a location far from overhanging trees and your home and outbuildings. You'll want a round or square shape (square is slightly easier to build) about 40 inches in diameter. That's close enough to keep folks warm and large enough for good air circulation.


Prepare the spot by digging down twelve inches and lining the area with six inches of gravel. This will provide for good drainage and a base for the stones you will use for the fire pit. Purchase enough concrete blocks or stones (there are some nice decorative blocks at most home improvement stores) to create at least four courses of them, depending upon how tall you want the finished product to be. The first course should be set onto the gravel, below grade level. Add the next courses of stone, making sure they are level as you go. A pre-made metal ring or plates can be inserted into the pit for extra safety.


You want to end up with sides that are just right to put your feet up from a comfortable chair and a top you can set your drink on without spilling. Your guests will immediately be drawn to your new fire pit with its promise of a special night.


A quick search of the web will yield myriad design ideas and instructions. We've just outlined the basic process here. Be sure to get advice from a professional before you begin.


Let us know how your first party goes.


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