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Easy, Powerhitting Breakfasts

2/22/16 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

Who would've thought that a pinch of minuscule black seeds would be so rich in fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidants? Chia seeds are a superfood that help prevent cell damage, ease digestion, and fill you up. In fact, just one tablespoon of chia seeds is equivalent to 19 percent of your recommended intake of daily fiber and 7 to 9 percent of the recommended daily value of calcium, iron, and magnesium. That's a great way to start any morning. Chia is a versatile ingredient that you can add to anything from smoothies to puddings and pancakes.
Here are three effortless ways to get your chia on.

The Quick Fix

For those who are constantly rushing to get out of the house in the morning, chia pudding is a quick and easy-to-make breakfast. All you need is one cup of milk, two tablespoons of chia seeds, and one tablespoon of maple syrup or honey (if milk is unsweetened) for a single serving. Pour all of your ingredients into one bowl, mix, and let it sit for two minutes. Afterward, keep mixing to remove any lumps. Now, just let it all sit for about two hours or overnight in your refrigerator and enjoy the next morning.

For a Savory Breakfast

For those who aren't fans of sweet breakfast options, try avocado toast. Start off by slicing 1/4 of an avocado. Next, toast a slice of whole wheat bread. Once you've topped the toast with the avocado slices, add a tablespoon each of cashews and dried cranberries. Top it all off with half a teaspoon of chia seeds. The creamy and mild avocado blends well with the crunchy, salty cashews and the tart cranberries. Not only does this make a filling and nutritious breakfast, but it's also a great snack after a workout or a long day at the office.

For Those Who Like to Drink Breakfast

This delicious drink requires four cups of watermelon, one cup of hulled strawberries, half a peeled lime, two tablespoons of chia seeds, six mint leaves and ice (optional). This makes approximately two eight-ounce drinks. Start by pushing the watermelon, lime, and strawberries through a juicer. If you don’t have a juicer, add the fruit to a blender and run until the consistency is smooth. Afterward, strain through a sieve, pushing gently on the pulp to extract the juice. Discard the solid material. Once strained, top it off and mix in the chia seeds. Let it sit in your refrigerator for about 15 minutes, just enough time to let the chia seeds absorb the juice. Now, muddle the mint leaves, add ice if you'd like and enjoy.
Chia is an excellent breakfast starter no matter how you prepare it. Blend it, bake it, or just sprinkle it onto whatever. Get creative and enjoy yourself a nutritious breakfast.


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