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5 DIY Holiday Wreath Ideas

12/13/14 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

As we work our way further into the holiday season, it’s becoming more and more of a time for holiday crafts.


Wreaths are a great way to add a little holiday punch to your front door, or any other space in your home for that matter.  Here are some of our favorite innovative DIY holiday wreath numbers.


The Golden Wreath


A pre-made wreath and a can of gold spray paint are all you need for this special wreath. Add a twist to the common holiday wreath by painting it entirely gold. Top it off with a red holiday bow for a nice color pop, and your front door will be as good as gold!


The Succulent Wreath


The ever-popular succulent trend is creeping into the holiday season this year with the apparition of succulent wreaths.  Check out this article for a great step-by-step tutorial on making succulent wreaths.


The Tinsel Wreath


Tinsel is a retro holiday trend that is making its way back to the holiday main stage. For this wreath, all you need to do is pick up some tinsel garland and a wreath form. Wrap the garland around and through the wreath form until the form is no longer visible, stopping to add dots of hot glue along the way. Top off with a holiday bow or flower, and that’s a wrap.


The Picture Frame Wreath


The Picture Frame Wreath is one of the easier holiday wreaths to make. Stop by your local thrift store and pick up a decently sized frame. Take out the glass and backing, tie with a bow, and you’re ready to hang.


The Empty Wrapping Paper Roll Wreath


This wreath is a great way to repurpose the cardboard rolls we’re all left with when wrapping paper runs out. (You can see a visual sample of it here.)


Step 1: Push the roll flat, then cut straight through it (hamburger style) in one-inch intervals. This will leave you with a bunch of flattened bangle-like cardboard pieces.


Step 2: Paint the pieces green and red, white and blue, gold and silver, or whatever holiday colors you prefer.


Step 3: In groups of 5, glue the pointy corners of the bangles together—making a 5-petal flower type shape.


Step 4: Adorn your petals on a flat back wreath form, and voila!


Have fun making wreaths this holiday season!


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