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Decorate Your Home with These Easy Crafts

10/16/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

What comes to mind when you hear the words "pine cone", "corn husk", and "pumpkin" in the same sentence? If you thought of Fall, you're on the right track! It's that time of year where your family and friends come over for some great-tasting food and wholesome festivities. It's your chance to decorate your home to go along with this autumn season.

Here are a few easy projects that will have your home looking festive in no time.


Succulents in a Pumpkin - These excellent harvest pieces are simple and green. Simply add a layer of moss onto a pumpkin using spray adhesive. Using different sorts of succulent cuttings (dried), glue them on top of the moss covering using a glue gun and glue sticks. Once you're done using these as festive arrangements, cut the tops off and plant them in your garden.


Decoupage a Pumpkin - Using the iconic Mod Podge glue, decoupage a white gourd with pressed leaves from your yard. Add the leaves toward the top of the stem to get a great aerial view of these picturesque gourds.


Pumpkins and Candles - As an added table decoration, insert small votive candles into hollowed out pumpkins. The smaller the better. Do not use scented candles since they may overpower the scent of your food.


Squash Vase - Certain long gourds and squashes can act as great vases. Cut a hole big enough to fit the water tubes that you will be using to insert your choice of flower stems.


Lavish Wheelbarrow - Using your wheelbarrow as a sturdy base, fill it with soil and then decorate it with ornamental plants and seasonal foliage. Arrange them so that no gaps are showing, if you prefer to use containers of plants. This is a simple way to make the outside of your home look as festive as the interior.


Sunburst Wreath - Flint corn consists of an array of colors making it a perfect festive decorating item. Fold out the husks on the ears of your flint corn to represent the blazing sun rays on your wreath. Attach the ears to a straw wreath and voila!


Tree Branches - Cut off some tree branches from your yard that contain berries, acorns, or leaves and place them in a container full of fruit or nuts. This makes a great centerpiece or you can use these earthy arrangements to line extended tables if you're having a big party.


Tree Branch Coasters - This one's a bit tricky. You'll need a tree limb about 3 inches in diameter to fit your drink comfortably. Each tree branch slice should be 3/4 of an inch (or less) thick and then lightly sanded. For an added flair, use an ink stamp to press any image (pumpkin, leaf, skull, etc) onto your rustic coaster.


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