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Beautiful Gift Wrap Ideas

12/11/15 9:10 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

This holiday season, make your gift wrapping as creative and thoughtful as the gift itself. The best part is that you don't have to overspend to make your package stand out. You can use scrap paper, or even old paint swatches. If you pay attention to detail, use your resources wisely, and know what your recipient enjoys, you'll be on your way to delivering a perfectly wrapped holiday gift. Watch your friends and family's faces light up with these whimsical holiday gift decorating ideas.

Gift Wrap

You can't have a gift without gift-wrap. The wrap conceals the gift, builds anticipation, and is exciting to remove. Personalize your present by using pieces of scrap paper from the newspaper, magazines, or old maps that reflect the recipient's personality. If you're stuck with plain, white, kraft, or butcher paper, spice it up with a woodblock stamp or some fancy stencil work. Adorn the package with snowflakes, trees, and reindeer to show off your artistic side. Or wrap your items in cloth (scarf, shirt, etc.) which is not only eco-friendly but multipurpose. It's like a gift within a gift. Now it's time for the next phase of the wrapping process.

Gift Toppers

Creative embellishments add a thoughtful flair to an already thoughtful gift. One way to add appealing accents is to use natural objects like coral or a sand dollar for a coastal vibe. If you prefer to go for the more rustic and woodsy feel, add a fresh sprig of greenery to the ribbon and make a bow using small pine cones arranged in the shape of a star. Keeping with the organic elements theme, add a fresh flower of your choice to the top of the package for a feminine touch. To make it even more festive, attach a small bell to recreate the sound of Santa's sleigh. It's a perfect addition for a Christmas gift.

Gift Tags

Gift tags personalize the package your friends and family receive. Make a simple name tag stand out by using recycled materials or old photos. Leftover Pantone or paint swatch samples from that interior paint job also work really well. Cut them up into shapes and sizes to reflect the season. You can also include a picture, which can do more than just bring up warm feelings of nostalgia. Make it black & white, sepia, or use the hundreds of filters available online. If you don't have a picture of the recipient lying around, make a good use of chalkboard paint on kraft paper. Just paint on top of the paper, write a unique message with chalk and you're good to go.

Think Outside the Box

Some items are too small or oddly sized for a regular gift box. Mason jars and lidded metal tins work exceptionally well for smaller items like jewelry or some home baked goodies. Paint the lids with chalkboard paint and wrap a ribbon, twine, or yarn to finish them off. Or dip the jars in layers of paint for a modern ombre look. Have single sheets of wrapping tissue paper left over from packs you've used in the past? Lay three different colors on top of one another and wrap a jar in it. Fan out the top and you'll have a lovely, festive display.


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