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If you have dull wood closet doors, peeling paint, or simply think the portals to your attire are too plain, you might be thinking of giving your closet doors a renovation. If you're looking to give your unadorned closet doors a makeover, you've come to the right place. Because why should all the attention go to the wardrobe inside? Take a look at the following transformation ideas you can create in no time.


Intricate details make any ordinary closet door pop. For example, invest in some highly ornate ceiling medallions which you can attach and paint whatever color you'd like. Usually reserved to accentuate a chandelier hanging from its center, a ceiling medallion adds dimension, architectural detail, and character to an otherwise overlooked part of your room. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to turn your closet door into an architectural statement.


If an unembellished door could talk, it would beg for some sort of facelift. Give it life by using elaborately decorated wallpaper to beautify your doors' simplistic look. Nowadays, wallpaper choices range in colors and designs. If you're feeling bold, once you glue your wallpaper on your closet, cover the surrounding wall with the same wallpaper as well to make a striking statement.

Learn more about creating an architectural statment in your home. 


To add even more purpose to your doors, glue on precut mirrors. A brand new coat of paint afterward will finish off your makeover masterpiece. These reflective additions give the illusion that your bedroom seems larger. The mirrors also brighten up your bedroom as the rays of light bounce off the glass. They also help you when choosing your outfit in the mornings.

Chalkboard Paint

Kids love to doodle on walls. Give them an excuse to keep showing off their artistic flair by using chalkboard paint on your kids' closet doors. But make sure to apply the paint with a roller or foam brush to avoid those unappealing brush marks.

Paint Pattern

If none of the ideas above entice you, try a basic coat of fresh paint to replace a drab color. But don't stop there. Grab that blue painter's tape from your garage to create a pattern as simple or complex as you want. After your doors are painted, switch out the hardware with more modern, contemporary styles to liven up their tired look.
We hope these creative solutions for bland closet doors inspired you to go out there and add some personal flair to your own. Now that you've improved the outside look, why not try to organize the inside? Here are some closet organizational tips


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