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7 Tips for a Cozier Living Room

4/1/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

No house feels like home without a cozy living room. In fact, the right living room can make or break the atmosphere of a home… so today we’ve decided to hone in on some tips for helping you take the high road to living room comfort.


Here are our 7 tips for a cozier living room:


1. It’s all about contrast


All good designs are a play on contrast. Think yin and yang. Combining opposites in your living space will exude a sense of balance. Play with light and dark, warm and cool, modern and classic, edgy and soft. When a room has good balance, people feel comfortable in it.


2. Have a staple feature


The key to a great living room is a solid focus feature. In your home, is that the TV? A built-in shelving unit? A painting? The fireplace? Once you’ve established your focus feature, arrange your furniture to compliment it. This creates a sense of a complete, more comfortable space.

Learn more about creating a complete comfortable space. 

3. Don’t be scared to integrate prints


People are often hesitant to use multiple prints in a single space because they tend to go out of style faster than solids. However, if you find two prints that compliment each other, you give yourself more flexibility in your space’s color palette—which ultimately means more flexibility for the future.


4. But be sure to off set them with plenty of solids


If you do decide to go down the path of multiple prints, be cognizant of the fact that you should balance them out with multiple solids. Keep working towards that yin and yang. If you have a printed couch, offset it with solid pillows. Simple!


5. An extra throw or pillow never hurt anyone


If comfy and cozy is important to you in your living space, assure that you have a fair amount of blankets and throws in the room. Nothing beats a soft and warm spot on the sofa to unwind in after a long day.


6. Mix timeless classics and modern novelties


We briefly covered this earlier, but a cozy space will combine the comforts of a traditional home and the conveniences of modern day. One example of this could be creating a classic gallery wall to offset the television as a focal point. Classic and modern can work wonders together when done correctly.


7. Make functionality a necessity


Cozy is about being comfortable in a little space, and comfort and practicality go pretty much hand in hand. Essentially, anything you have in your living space should serve a purpose. If your living space is only for show, you can’t expect people to feel comfort while experiencing it.


Are you ready to make your living space cozy again? Let us know how you do with a comment below! We’d love to hear your feedback. (:


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