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5 Pinterest Hacks That do More Harm than Good

1/12/16 9:23 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

If you're an adept Pinterest browser, you've probably come across countless of seemingly time-saving and stress-reducing cleaning hacks. Finding a good one means you can reduce your cleaning time and streamline your life. But not all hacks are as helpful as they appear. Sometimes these hacks become so popular that users treat them as facts. Luckily, a few fact-checking warriors set out to put them to the test. The results were surprising. We've compiled five popular Pinterest cleaning hacks that do more harm than good.

1. Kill Static on Drapes with Hairspray

Hairspray keeps unmanageable hair in check. When sprayed on curtains, it just makes them stiff and sticky. The fact is, hairspray only works on hair. If you want to get rid of static on your drapes, run a metal item over the fabric or put them in the dryer with fabric softener sheets. If you're low on fabric softener sheets, roll up a small ball of aluminum foil and put the drapes and ball in your dryer.

2. Store Bleach in a Glass Jar

Pinterest posts are big on aesthetics. Sure, bleach in a glass jar may seem like a great way to eliminate the bulky bleach containers, but bleach can break down glass over time. Instead of decanting it, leave it in its original packaging as intended. Bleach packaging contains important safety information and precautions. Plus, without proper labeling, kids and adults are more likely to mishandle it.

3. Remove Water Rings on Wood with Vinegar and Olive Oil

Nobody's perfect. Sometimes we forget to use a coaster. By the time we notice, it's too late. So what do you do when those dreaded circles appear on your pristine wood tabletop? Some Pinterest cleaning hacks recommend using a vinegar and olive oil mixture to remove the pesky moisture rings. Unfortunately, vinegar contains acetic acid that damages a finished wood's polish. The polish protects the wood so you'd end up doing more harm than good with this "hack."

4. Secure Wine Glasses in the Dishwasher with Rubber Bands

Don't fall into this Pinterest trap. The site recommends that you place the glass stems up and wrap a rubber band around the mouth of the glass and the spokes of the dishwasher to secure it in place. Although this sounds like a godsend, the rubber bands can break mid-cycle leaving the glasses vulnerable and at the mercy of the dishwasher. The irony is that the supposed solution can be the reason you have to buy new wine glasses.

5. Put Wax Paper Between Linens to Prevent Bleeding

In this Pinterest hack, the wax paper supposedly prevents fabric colors from transferring to one another. The cold hard truth is that, if stored in a warm environment, the wax paper surface could melt onto your clean and crisp linens. Instead, use acid-free tissue paper to separate your sheets and pillowcases.
The point is that you shouldn't trust everything you read. Perform your due diligence and critically question user-generated content. Pinterest users typically provide tons of time-saving hacks, but these ones totally missed the mark.


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