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5 Money-Saving Tips for New Homeowners

10/8/15 9:00 AM / by Malta Development Malta Development

As a first-time homeowner, moving into your new home can be an exciting time. New furniture is purchased and decorating ideas can finally become a reality. But before the interior decorating commences, consider going through a checklist of energy-saving tasks. These will help you reduce the energy and maintenance costs of your home in the future.

Here's how you can save money while living happily ever after in the home of your dreams.


1. Direct Vent Water Heater

A direct vent water heater is the standard for most modern and contemporary homes. These sleek and energy-efficient appliances use the least amount of space for maximum capacity. These units blow the Energy Star standards out of the water by saving you anywhere between 10-14 percent on your annual energy bill. Unlike non-direct vent heaters, these heaters are sealed like a drum, preventing any back draft containing gas fumes. Since direct vent water heaters draw an adequate air supply from outside your home, there's no possibility for reusing air that's already been heated or cooled. These models have cost-effective non-metallic piping and some are even lined with glass to withstand corrosion over time.


Learn more about creating your perfect new home while saving money.

2. Spray Foam Insulation

According to the Department of Energy's website, the four areas you need to focus on insulating are the attic, walls, floors, and crawlspaces. Spray Foam is a type of insulation that is applied as a liquid and can expand up to 100x times its original volume, adding to the structural integrity of your walls. Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, spray foam has air-sealing qualities that prevent conditioned air from inside your home to mix with unconditioned outside air. That means that your HVAC system will be using far less energy since the air in your home is contained. Because spray foam has insulating qualities, you'll also be reducing the amount of moisture, mold growth, and allergens in your home.


3. Humidifying Furnace

A humidifier on a furnace is not only energy efficient, but it also helps prevent respiratory infections due to low humidity. During the cold winter months, the dryness in your nose can lead to health problems. Just like your nose is depleted from moisture, so is the wood in your home. Once the wood loses moisture, it shrinks and then begins to crack. This can lead to premature floor or furniture replacement.. Since the relative humidity in your home will be at a comfortable level, you will feel cozy and snug with the thermostat turned down a few degrees. It can also reduce your heating bill by up to 5%.


4. Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a helpful tool to automate any home's temperature. The programmable thermostat market is very competitive which thankfully translates to budget-friendly and easy-to-install options across the board. You can program your thermostat to drop or raise in temperature depending on day-to-day activities. Some higher-end thermostats allow you to set up multiple set-point temperature changes. This comes in handy when your household contains individuals with wildly differing schedules.


5. Vented Ridge System

Homes without roof ridge vents trap all the outside air that comes into the attic. Roof ridge vents solve this problem by providing an escape route for the infiltrating air, thereby, preventing premature aging and cracking to the roof and attic. Roof ridge vents also allow moisture created inside the home to escape. This benefits your new home because moisture is one of the leading causes of damage to rafters, shingles, walls, and insulation.


Malta Development's newest communities, Lakeview Landing and Creekside Park, incorporate these energy-efficient technologies and are Energy Star and National Green Standard Certified.


For more information about their homes, contact Beth Smith at (518) 928-3057 or at


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