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Decorating a Child's New Room

Posted by Malta Development on Jan 28, 2015 9:36:17 AM

Moving to a new home can be stressful for your children, as well as for you.


But one of the benefits of a move is that your child may be getting their own room for the first time. This is your opportunity to set it up so that it will be easy to keep organized and so that it can “grow” along with your child.


Here are a few hints to get the most out of decorating a child's new room:


Be sure your child is on board with your plans. It will help if you engage him or her by suggesting they choose a couple of things they want to keep from their former space. Younger children will find this direction helpful; with older children, this is a chance to discuss the possibilities fully and to welcome their ideas, too.


Incorporate as much storage as possible. When your kids are young, they'll need lots of space for toys and stuffed animals. Older children will need more room for clothing, sports equipment and tech, lots of tech! Low cubbies along one wall with a built in desk will serve your kids well at any age. You can add shelves higher on the wall as your children grow when they will need the space for books – and more tech. The low cubbies will accommodate the things that all children collect over time.


Playful, removable wall decals can add interest to the room and, since they can be removed, can change as your kid grows into a sophisticated art connoisseur. The addition of a cork board will allow your child to post mementoes without taping them to the carefully painted walls.


If there's space, a comfortable chair and lamp for reading is a plus. You can use it, too, for bedtime stories in comfort for you both. Don't forget that older kids will have visitors and will need space for playing games and just talking.


Be careful choosing a bed. It is the one thing likely to stay with them as they mature. A race car or tree top bed may not suit your soon-to-be 13-year old. Use other, replaceable items to create themes for your child's room – coverlets, lamps, art, paint colors, and decorative pillows can all serve this purpose.


Do you have any secrets to designing the perfect kids room? Let us know, below.

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