The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing Your Home with Style

Whether you are an empty nester whose children have moved out to start their own lives, or just looking to simplify your lifestyle, downsizing will likely present a good solution and offer many benefits. As the population ages, it is becoming more and more obvious that “living large” does not hold the same appeal as it once might have.  Smaller homes are currently in demand. Below are a few key factors to keep in mind.

1.  Don’t Just Downsize…Rightsize!

Most people who are considering downsizing have already embraced the concept that bigger isn’t always better but may struggle with where to begin their search for a smaller home that will fit all of their needs.  The first factor to be considered should be the floor plan.  Generally speaking, if you are able to find a home whose layout and location fit the bill, you may be surprised to find that size is no longer of primary importance.  How many times have you thought, “Why do we need this big house?  We spend all of our time in the Family Room, the Kitchen, or the Master Bedroom.”  Wouldn’t it make more sense to find a home that gives you space in the areas you spend the most time in?  Look for that unique home designed for maximum functionality. Newly built homes often feature clever design items such as built-in cabinetry that take the place of big furniture and built-in desks with the functionality of a separate office space.


2.  Your Wallet

The extra bedrooms in your home that have gone unoccupied since your children moved out and the formal Living Room that hasn’t been used in years can go unnoticed…until the monthly utility bills arrive.  Then you probably ask yourself why you continue to heat and cool unused space. Every new home built by Malta Development is built for maximum energy efficiency.  Malta Development is the only production Builder in the Capital Region whose homes are not only Energy Star and National Green Building Standard certified, but also use the high-tech Zip System® wall sheathing panels in place of traditional house wrap and super-efficient Icynene® Spray Foam Insulation.  This results in homes with substantially lower operating costs and utility bills than other newly built homes.


3.  Your Time

Now that you have the time to travel and to do the things that you love, why spend time and effort maintaining a home and a yard than is larger than you need? Many new home communities that target those looking to downsize offer Exterior Maintenance packages.  This frees up your precious time to visit your out of state grandchildren or to indulge in a new hobby.  Both Lakeview Landing in Malta and Orchard Pointe in Halfmoon offer an Exterior Maintenance Plan.


4.  Decluttering Will Be a Relief

While it may seem impossible to part with items of sentimental value, most empty nesters eventually come to the realization that it’s useless to feel guilty about getting rid of “stuff,” since no matter what you have accumulated over the years, your children simply don’t want it.  Truth be told, they don’t even want their own stuff which has been sitting in your basement and attic for years.  If you are considering downsizing to a community with an Exterior Maintenance program, you certainly won’t need lawn mowers, snow blowers and the rest of the items that make it impossible for you to park 2 cars in a 2-car garage. Focus on the items that you actually use, or truly love, and then make a conscious effort to let the rest go. Items of value can be sold by a professional.  The rest can either be donated or sold at an Estate Sale.  You will be amazed at how freeing it can be to eliminate the distraction of clutter.


5.  An Investment in Your Future

Your home is likely to be your biggest investment and therefore you want to invest wisely.  As the population continues to age, the demand continues to increase for homes that allow those looking to downsize to age in place, thereby allowing them to live in the home of their choice as long as they are able. With more and more Baby Boomers entering the home buying market there is a focus on one-story and ranch style plans that make homes safer and more accessible to Seniors and others looking to downsize.